About Me

My name is Daniel. I am a passionate tech enthusiast who decided to switch careers and pursue a life-long passion for technology and computers. Within 6 months, I learned Express, React, Javascript, and NodeJS. I've built several applications and you can check out my work.

As a learner, I have always excelled. In Academia, I worked as a research assistant, aiding in half a dozen published research studies under the guidance of a PhD candidate. I even picked up a publicaton myself and graduated from the University of Houston with a BS in Psychology with Honors in Major and an award-winning Senior Honors Thesis.

I am currently seeking a full-time Software Development role, let's connect!

My Work

African Marketplace

Front-End Developer

React | PostgreSQL | Material UI

This is a full-stack application that allows users to create an account, post items for sale, and search for items. The application is built with React, Node.js, Express, and PostgreSQL. The application is deployed on Netlify and Heroku.

My contributions:

  • Quarterbacked all design elements with a team of 3 developers and implementedUI design with MaterialUI
  • Pair-programmed and coordinated state-handling to meet the MVP within 1 week
  • Contributed to interactive merchant application to display detailed user profile data for merchant store fronts

Anywhere Fitness API

Back-End Developer

Node | Express | Knex | PostgreSQL

This full-stack application enables fitness instructors to hold fitness classes at any location. Clients can view avaiable classes, sign-up, and get the location to attend the fitness class. The application back-end is built with Node.js, Express, Knex, and the database is deployed on PostgreSQL

My contributions:

  • Led team of front and back-end developers to build a fitness class web application that allows users to hold and attend Fitness classes
  • Orchestrated back-end with Node.js and used JWT for user verification/authentication
  • Refactored front-end with Material UI to improve interactive components and feature set


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